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During The Alphabet of Awesome Science Professor Lexi Con introduces audiences to a whole stack of beautifully crunchy, curly words. You can explore those words again HERE.

And now its YOUR turn!


In the videos below, Lexi will introduce you to whole stack of fun ways for you to play with words — and their meanings. Plus, she's looking for your help to create the Alphabet of Awesome Neologisms (more about that in episode 3!). 

EPISODE 1       

The Alphabet of Awesome What?

During The Alphabet of Awesome Science, Professor Lexi Con introduced you to a collection of fantabulous words — one for every letter of the alphabet. Now it’s your turn to create your own Alphabet of Awesome!

EPISODE 2      

Define This!

Professor Lexi Con is bursting at the seams with flippercanorious words — and she can't wait to introduce you too a few more. Only this time, she wants YOU to make up your own definitions... 

EPISODE 3      


It has been estimated that around 14.7 new words are created EVERY DAY! So, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn!


Once you've watched this video, you'll have all the information you need to create your own neologism.


We can't wait to see what you create! Check out the worksheets below, fill them out, and then send them to us at:

There’s lots of ways to create a new word. You can play around with some scrabble tiles, mash about with keys on a keyboard, or simply pluck something out of your head. However you do it, we want to see what your brilliant minds come up with! Plus, we want to share your musings with the world… 

Everybody loves a dad joke — especially Professor Noel Edge! He is full to bursting with great (?) dad jokes. BUT, he knows there are so many more out there to collect. So, we'd love to hear from you! Hit us with your best worst dad joke — and we'll share them with the world!

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