The Alphabet of Awesome Science is a fast-paced, visually spectacular and information-rich performance that’s equal parts explosive, messy, spectacular, hilarious, fascinating and gross.

Join professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge (the Word Nerd and the Science Freak) for a thrilling voyage through the alphabet – where BIG words inspire BIG science! It's a race from A to Z in a show that's over-flowing with sesquipedalian words and spectacular science. 

Professor Lexi Con has curated a collection of her absolutely favourite words – one for every letter of the alphabet. Each word provides Professor Noel Edge with an inspirational jumping off point for 26 quirky (sometimes explody!) STEM focussed scientific demonstrations. It’s an hour of carefully crafted chaos that’s “so jam-packed with information that you’re sure to leave smarter than when you arrived”*. 

We are currently building a collection of resources for our 2021 alphabet, including a list of definitions for each of Lexi's AWESOME words, as well as instructions for a few of Noel's AWESOME science demonstrations. 

Science ideas explored during our 2021 alphabet include: states of matter, cloud formation, chemical reactions (combustion, synthesis, exothermic), heat capacity, air pressure, human biology, pressure over different surface areas, rocket science, Newton's third law of motion, sound… and so much more!

*Tom Bowden | The Advertiser



We'll be adding more resources to this page throughout 2021/2022.


In the mean time, check out our Teacher Notes and Australian Curriculum links for SCIENCE.